What to Expect After Your LASIK Surgery

Long-term Eye Health after LASIK

As a rule, LASIK is a very stable procedure. However, the eyes do change over time and things unrelated to your LASIK procedure can occur, as LASIK does not affect the health of the rest of the eye. The most common is “presbyopia” or the inability of the eyes to close focus as we age. Since LASIK attempts to achieve clear vision in the distance, your eyes will need to adjust to see up close. Those between 40 to 45 years of age or older notice that near vision may be more difficult and their eyes will not be able to adjust automatically. It is important to understand this as it will affect the way you use your eyes after LASIK if you are of this age. Typically, glasses for reading only are used. In some people “monovision” can be done surgically, making one eye see better for reading and the other for distance. Ask your eye doctor if this may work for you.

Side Effects after LASIK

Some people will note an increased dryness of the eyes after LASIK, and some patients can see rings around lights when driving at night. These are generally temporary and will diminish over the course of several weeks or months. Frequent use of eye lubricating eye drops or pupil-constricting drops helps alleviate the symptoms. Other changes in the eye over time can be cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other health-related problems. These occur regardless of having had LASIK. Other specific questions about possible changes in vision should be addressed to your eye doctor or to the staff at Pacific ClearVision Institute.

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