Our Doctors

Dr. Bala Ambati

Dr. Bala AmbatiDr. Bala Ambati is a cataract, laser eye surgery, and cornea specialist with 15 years of experience in clinical practice. After completing his ophthalmology residency at Harvard and a cornea & refractive surgery fellowship at Duke, he was Director of Cornea at Medical College of Georgia for 5 years, and most recently was Professor and Director of Cornea Research at University of Utah for 9 years and has now joined the Pacific Clear Vision Institute family.

Dr. Robin Bautista

Dr. Robin BautistaRobin E. Bautista, OD, a graduate of the Pacific University College of Optometry, spent four years providing hospital-based eye health care in the United States Air Force, working closely with health care providers of all disciplines to enhance visual and overall health and performance. In addition to providing comprehensive medical eye examinations, Dr. Bautista served as Refractive Surgery Program Director and is experienced in post-operative LASIK care, fitting of specialty contact lenses, diagnosis, and management of ocular health conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eye.

Dr. Scott Cherne

Scott A. Cherne, MD, a graduate of the Loma Linda School of Medicine, has practiced ophthalmology in Eugene, Oregon since 1989. A board certified ophthalmologist, he pioneered the LASIK procedure in Oregon, being the first to perform the procedure in central and southern Oregon. He has performed over 20,000 Lasik procedures and currently performs all-laser Lasik using the latest technology small-bubble Femtosecond laser-the Ziemer Z6-along with the VISX S4 laser for unparalleled outcomes. His enhancement rate is only 2%, thus 98% of the time only one treatment is needed for his patients to reach their desired optimal vision.

Dr. Omer Gal

Dr. Omer GalOmer Gal, M.D. is a fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon specializing in both functional and cosmetic oculofacial surgery, Botox, and fillers at the Pacific ClearVision Institute in Eugene, Oregon. She also practices comprehensive ophthalmology including laser surgery and glaucoma management. Dr. Gal was born in Israel and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She earned her Doctorate of Medicine in Tel-Aviv, Israel, followed by a year of high-frequency ultrasound at Cornell Medical Center in New York. Dr. Gal completed her ophthalmology residency training at Louisiana State University and her oculoplastic fellowship in Pensacola, Florida.

Dr. Bradley Lorenzen

Dr. Bradley LorenzenBradley J. Lorenzen, O.D., a graduate of the Pacific University College of Optometry, offers patients comprehensive medical and postoperative care at Pacific ClearVision Institute. He is available for consultation and evaluation of cataracts, cornea transplants, glaucoma and other eye health needs. Dr. Lorenzen also performs LASIK evaluation and routine comprehensive vision examinations. He works closely with the surgeons of Pacific ClearVision Institute in the surgical care of patients, optimizing their visual outcome.

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