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Pacific ClearVision Institute’s Role In Your Eye Care

Since 1989 Pacific ClearVision Institute (PCVI) has been a leading eye surgery provider in the pacific northwest. We are proud to have patients come from great distances outside of Oregon including California, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Our leading experts in ophthalmology specialize in LASIK laser vision correction, refractive surgery, cataract surgery, oculoplastics and the majority of conditions that can affect the eye. The personable and qualified team at PCVI is fully dedicated to providing the most superior eye care to people of all ages in the Greater Eugene Oregon community.

Like many things, good vision is often overlooked until it either becomes elusive or vanishes altogether. We simply take it for granted and only miss it when it’s gone. Several factors, from injury to disease to simply aging, can cause a deterioration of vision.

Regular attention to your eyes is the best way to maintain them. Pacific ClearVision Institute works closely with your primary eye care doctor to monitor any changes to your vision. They will be able to spot potential problems and recommend a course of action That course of action may include involving a specialist like one of our doctors at Pacific ClearVision Institute to offer corrective solutions when issues arise.

By providing medical diagnosis and surgical options, Pacific ClearVision Institute completes the eye care picture. Together with your primary eye care doctor, we work to give you the best possible chance for your continued visual health and by doing that, allow you to keep living your life as you choose. We believe that the best eye care can be achieved by utilizing both the professional services of the Ophthalmologist and Optometrist.

Your Optometrist serves as your primary eye care provider while the Ophthalmologists at Pacific ClearVison Institute meet your specialized eye care needs. When you visit your Optometrist and a condition is discovered that would require an Ophthalmologist, you will be referred to Pacific ClearVison Institute for further diagnosis. We work closely with your doctor to provide specific care for your condition that is tailored to your particular needs. These treatments range from administering medication to complex surgical procedures. Our doctors and your primary eye care physician will cooperatively plan for your recovery, thus providing continuity of care. Both physicians play an important role in the final outcome of your vision.

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