Angel Proctor – Our Cottage Grove Optician

Angel Proctor

What drew you to medicine?
I have always wanted to help people and medicine brings many opportunities for me to do so.

What drew you to your specialty?
I’ve enjoyed working in almost all fields of Optometry but I have found my very favorite position as an Optician. As an Optician I can build a relationship with our patients. 0ur patients are my friends, and I will always go the extra mile to find the perfect eyewear for everyone. I love that fashion and style are a big part of my job. Assisting with finding the perfect frame for each person brings me joy. And there is nothing better than tuning in a patient’s new prescription, so they have the ultimate experience.

What about eye care is it that intrigues you?
Helping people see clearly and giving them confidence by looking their best in their new glasses.

What are some things you are most proud of in your profession?
I am an avid troubleshooter and I will not give up until I find the answers. It makes me proud to be able to put glasses on a child for the first time and seeing them glow from the excitement of clear vision.

What are some of your greatest achievements, both professionally and personally?
Professionally my greatest achievements include tracking down that hard-to-get frame and turning around a bad situation into an amazing one.
Personally, I am a very proud mother and am raising the most amazing human. I must have done something right to be blessed with such a sweet child. I also am delighted to say I own a home that I bought on my own.

How have you (and do you continue to) adapt to the ever-changing world of eye care?
Over my 24 years in this field, I have found there is always something changing and improving. I feel it is my responsibility to be aware of new products and new ways of meeting any challenge that comes my way.

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