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Congratulations on your interest in LASIK! At Pacific ClearVision Institute we would like to help you and the greater Eugene community with accurate information as you investigate this fascinating advanced vision correction procedure. We are here to answer any questions you have and provide as much detailed information as you require giving you the peace of mind you need to when it comes to caring for your eyes.

How Do I Know If LASIK Is For Me?

LASIK is a procedure that covers a wide range of vision correction, but many factors need to be considered when determining whether LASIK/ laser vision correction is for you. We will work closely with you and your primary eye care provider to determine if you are a candidate, or if a different option is better suited for your eyes. If LASIK is determined to be the best choice for your vision correction needs we will continue to work with your existing eye care provider to provide the best care throughout the process.

Even if your eyes are healthy and your vision has remained stable for years, you should consider your goals carefully prior to LASIK. Should these goals be largely achievable with the procedure, you are likely a candidate. Your eye doctor will review your goals and what you can expect after the surgery. While no surgeon can 100% guarantee a visual outcome of 20/20 or better, in our experience the vast majority of our LASIK patients in the greater Eugene area achieve these results.

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How Many LASIK Procedures Have Our Doctors Performed?

LASIK surgery is one of the safest most commonly performed elective surgeries in the United States. Pacific ClearVision institute’s LASIK surgeons, Dr. Scott Cherne, M.D. and Dr. Bala Ambati M.D. have each performed over 15, 000 LASIK procedures in their careers thus far. You can rest assured that your eyes are in expert and caring hands should you decide to have the LASIK procedure.

Your life and how you live it is as important to us as it is to you. Your care is crafted for you as an individual; your lifestyle and time are just as meaningful to us as treating your condition.

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