Joseph Mando, MD

Dr. Joseph Mando
Dr. Joseph Mando

Dr. Joseph Mando obtained his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine and continued with a residency at the University of Kentucky and then a Fellowship at The University of Texas Southwestern. 

I would say that I was always interested in science and found biology incredibly intriguing so I wanted to establish a career in that realm. As a senior in high school, I was able to study a human cadaver and I became pretty fascinated with the idea of learning more about the human body at that time.

From very early on in his life he was able to learn and appreciate what it is to use one’s own hands and mind to help and heal.

I grew up around my family’s retail optical business which was in the same building as an Ophthalmology clinic. I was always around optics and their utilization to improve sight, this along with the fact that I wanted to be a surgeon, made Ophthalmology a perfect fit for me. 

For Dr. Mando, knowledge is a never-ending passion. He continues to learn the latest procedures and techniques from the best and brightest Ophthalmology has to offer and apply those to the care of his patients. Improving the quality of life through sight is a natural way for him to apply these skills.

From a very young age, I learned to appreciate the ability to improve people’s lives by aiding their sight. Using the skills and knowledge that I have learned along the way to improve the quality of people’s lives has been very rewarding career path for me. 

 I thoroughly enjoy being capable of improving patients’ quality of life and vision through surgical correction using my hands.  

Becoming someone that people trust and rely on is never easy, but Dr. Mando understands that for patients to trust him and his knowledge to help them achieve their visual freedom, consistent hard work is necessary. 

I’d say it took hard work, perseverance, and dedication to become a board-certified Ophthalmologist. As the first doctor in my family, I believe I have achieved things some thought were not possible. 

My profession is always changing; I appreciate learning about new surgical and technological advancements and being able to translate that into improving the vision and quality of life for my patients; taking care to remain on the cutting edge but not bleeding edge of Ophthalmology advancements.

While remaining at the top of his profession demands much of his attention, Dr. Mando makes time for an active personal life as well. 

Personally, I’m a proud husband, soon-to-be father, foodie, and avid outdoorsman. I am grateful for the ability to provide for my family with my own hands and mind.

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