Patient Testimonials

Cheryl’s Story

Glasses no more! Dr. Ambati removed cataracts and implanted optional multifocal intraocular lenses in both eyes. After wearing glasses for 58 years, it seems like a miracle to just wake up, open eyes and see without groping around for my glasses. That possibly-a-month adjustment time goes fast. Thank you Dr. Ambati for your great work.

For both eyes I found Pacific ClearVision Institute to be helpful. Professionalism coupled with friendly staff throughout made pre- and post-surgery visits pleasant. Follow-up appointments the day after surgery and with primary vision care providers a week later were automatically made by staff and all I had to do was get there! PCVI will always be my recommend to anyone needing specialized eye care. Thank ya’ll.

Erika’s Story

I have been fortunate in experiencing Pacific ClearVision Institute as both a patient and as a premedical student shadowing Dr. Ambati.


I am 21 and started wearing glasses when I was 8 years old. Ever since I have been going to the same ophthalmologist in my hometown of Roseburg, Oregon. This past summer I decided to get Lasik eye surgery and my doctor referred me to Pacific ClearVision Institute. All surgery is scary but I was especially anxious because I was having it done at a clinic I had never been to with staff I had never met. At the pre-op appointment, my mom and I mentioned to each other how impressed we were. The ophthalmologic team worked well together as I flowed from one pre-op exam to another very smoothly. Everyone I met at the clinic, from the receptionist to Dr. Ambati, was incredibly kind. They treated me as though they were personally invested in my health. I felt like I had been visiting the clinic since I was eight years old rather than it being my first day. During my surgery, the next day the assistants smiled encouragingly at me while Dr. Ambati talked me through each step in his soft, confident tone. I knew I was in good hands. Afterwards, Dr. Ambati held my hand as I shakily walked out to my parents. For 13 years, I have needed glasses for every moment that my eyes are open. Now I have perfect vision. I personally experienced the difference the ophthalmologic team at Pacific ClearVision is making in people’s lives. It is truly miraculous.

I have become even more impressed with the Institute after witnessing the “behind the scenes” mechanics of the clinic. Dr. Ambati is a great teacher. He explained every medical case thoroughly so that I could understand. He consistently asked me if I had any questions and made sure that I actually saw what he was demonstrating. I felt that he viewed me as a worthwhile investment of his time and energy because he was genuinely interested in shaping the next generation of students into successful doctors. While shadowing I gained valuable exposure to the world of ophthalmology. Yet I feel even more importantly, I learned how to treat patients respectfully and compassionately. Dr. Ambati contrasts sharply with the stereotypically uptight, aloof surgeon who rushes from patient to patient. Dr. Ambati enters the room and shakes everyone’s hands, including spouses and children. He expresses to them multiple times how glad he is to see them. If a patient is anxious during surgery, he consoles them and asks someone to hold their hand throughout the operation. He listens patiently to each complaint and treats each patient as a friend who has come seeking his help.

Dr. Ambati became the world’s youngest doctor at the age of 17. He continued on to get his PhD and MBA as well as volunteering with programs like Sight for the Sightless and Orbis, organizations that are dedicated to treating blindness worldwide. Even though Dr. Ambati is incredibly accomplished, he treats no one as his inferior. His quiet yet compassionate demeanor instills confidence in his patients as he tells them after surgery, “thanks for being perfect!”

I have nothing but praise for the Pacific ClearVision Institute. As a patient, I felt respected and cared for. As a student, my experience made me eager to jump forward 10 years to when I will be able to participate in the life-changing work that happens there every day. I have been extremely fortunate to meet such a kind and efficient medical team and to be mentored by someone as talented and inspirational as Dr. Ambati. I hope one day to be able to return and work with you all! Thank you for such a great experience.

John’s Story

We are impressed with the care and consideration that we received at Pacific Clearvision institute. We are full-time RV’ers and travel a lot. My wife’s family lives in Eugene. In June of 2012 we were visiting in Eugene and my cataract had progressed to a level that made it uncomfortable to read, drive, or watch TV. We contacted Pacific Clearvision and were very pleased to find out they could provide the care we needed.

The office staff was extremely helpful and worked us in to their schedule so that we could meet out travel plans. Dr. DeGuire was very easy to work with and he was very informative concerning my cataract surgery. In November we were traveling back through Eugene, and again, they worked me in without interrupting our travel plans. I had my second eye cataract surgery. On a trip back through in January/February 2013 I had to have YAG done on my right eye and again they worked me in.

I can’t say enough about the staff at Pacific Clearvision Institute. Their professionalism is above outstanding. The doctors could not do their excellent work without these women out front. Their friendliness, professionalism, and helpfulness to understand your needs and their willingness to support you as well as the doctors, are why my wife and I recommend Pacific Clearvision Institute to anyone.

Debbie’s Story


I had 20/600 vision in my right eye, at least that much…legally blind they said…and about half that in my left. Now I have perfect vision in both eyes…well, perfect is for me, 20/12.5 which is wonderful…and …I can see better then I did with my contacts.

I play volleyball and now I don’t have to worry about dust that gets under my contacts. It’s never fun to get sand in your eye but with contacts, well, you have to stop, take a time out to flush that out…it hurts! So it’s nice…volleyball is wonderful after LASIK.

Before I decided to have LASIK I talked to several friends who had it done. And I chose ClearVision because many of them had done their LASIK at ClearVision. When I came in I really liked the people, and Dr. Cherne was very thorough… he double-checked everything. I thought to myself, “I am so impressed with him”.

The procedure itself was really easy. I was nervous about it, but it turned out to be simple. I was concerned about seeing things done to my eye but it was no problem…really quick…the whole thing only took a few minutes. By the time you are done…there are already changes to your vision. My eyes teared a little afterwards but I had …really…no pain. And by the next morning my vision had cleared up. I even drove myself to work…to the eye doctor…with no problems…no worries about seeing, it was wonderful. I’ve not been sorry. It’s been the best thing I have ever done.

Lean’s Story


Before I had LASIK I wore glasses or bifocal contacts. It was bad enough that at night when I took off my glasses, I couldn’t see well enough to even find my glasses. I do graphics design for t-shirt and screen printing so I work really close… on a light table which is very hard on your eyes…also on the computer.

I have worn contacts for about 20 years and was really ready to try something different. I heard great results from LASIK and decided to try it. I talked to my eye doctor and then to Dr. Cherne from ClearVision. My husband is a laser technician who travels California and Oregon with the LASIK laser. He sees a lot of LASIK surgeries and has worked with Dr. Cherne as well as many other LASIK surgeons. He has seen that the surgeon plays a big role in how your surgery will turn out.

Since I am a graphics professional, my vision is really important. My biggest concern was not being able to see after LASIK as well as I could before, with contacts or glasses. What convinced me to do the surgery was my husband’s extreme confidence in Dr. Cherne. I felt very secure going in, knowing my husband was standing right there recommending this particular doctor.

The LASIK was great. I sat up afterwards and could actually see better than when I sat down. I progressed quickly…I don’t know what my vision was before, but I’m 20/10 now. I have no reflection or dry eye, which can happen sometimes…no halos or anything. It is MUCH, MUCH better without contacts or glasses.

Before I was almost blind and I would walk in to walls without my contacts or glasses. After LASIK at ClearVision, I see 20/10…it doesn’t get much better than that.

Martha’s Story


My cataract surgery with Dr. Cherne was VERY successful…they take such good care of you at ClearVision, they did a beautiful job and took wonderful care of me…and it was absolutely painless. When I came home that day it was the most amazing thing…the walls were whiter, the dirt in the corners was deeper (smile) and the wrinkles were forever!!!

I could not believe how much I saw, and that was just the first hour. It is amazing what that surgery can do to help your vision. I can actually see better then I did twenty years ago! I am very confident driving now, which is good since I teach 55 Alive defensive driving.

I really recommend Dr. Cherne, he is such a wonderful man. The care I received at ClearVision was wonderful…from everybody…from the receptionist on.

If your doctor tells you it’s time for cataracts…do it. It will change your life and it is quick and virtually painless. And ClearVision did a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and confident that it would work for me.

Sam’s Story


I had cataract surgery at ClearVision. I noticed my vision was deteriorating. In the morning I had to feel around to find my glasses, so I could put them on and see well enough to find my contacts and put them on. Well finally I went to Dr. Cherne’s office to see if I could have LASIK. I found out I had cataracts. That was a real surprise and it turned out to be a delightful surprise since there was a surgery to fix cataracts with implants. We did it in the morning and I was home by the after noon. It was very simple.

I’ve been working with Dr. Cherne for several years and I knew exactly what to expect and had great confidence in him as a surgeon. I have talked to many many people after they had cataract surgery and their experiences have always been good. I get a lot of patients that have had their first eye done and were a little nervous, but after it’s done they say they are so happy with their first eye that they can’t wait to have their second eye done. They also say how much better they see which was also the case with me. Two weeks later I was out golfing and my putting really improved.

What was really nice is my husband and I ski. It was so much nicer to ski without contacts. My eyes would get SO dry while skiing and then be miserable by the end of the day… but now after surgery, they are great. To ski without contacts is just wonderful.

Colors are so much brighter but the best part is just to see so clearly…especially without glasses or contacts. Your whole life is just kind of turned around.

Sarah’s Story


Before I had LASIK I had to put my contacts in before I could do anything, and if I didn’t use contacts, I had to wear glasses. It was expensive to use contacts or glasses… buying them all the time. Some of my friends had done LASIK and had great results so I thought it might be worth it.

I was a little nervous at first to have it done, but I became very comfortable with ClearVision and Dr. Cherne. Where I was from at the time, we didn’t have any real experienced LASIK surgeons so I came here to ClearVision. You can’t do a procedure like that without knowing what to expect. It’s very important to know what will happen and Dr. Cherne’s clinic did a really good job with me, taking the time to explain the procedure, what to expect before and after, showing me how things would work, and the equipment that would be used…just making me feel really comfortable.

I was kind of nervous before the surgery, but was surprised at how quickly and easily it went. After the procedure I actually went to sleep…for about 6 hours. When I woke up the blurriness was already going away. The next morning I came in for a follow up appointment and I was 20/15… and I was 20/200 before the procedure.

It was the neatest feeling…things were so clear…things were crisp clear! My vision was better than with my glasses on or my contacts. It was kind of a euphoric feeling to know that’s how my eyes were going to be, from then on… it’s been three years and my vision has not changed a single bit…it’s cool…very cool.

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