iDose – Treatment For Glaucoma

iDose for Glaucoma Treatment in Oregon

Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss, affecting millions worldwide. It’s a condition that damages the optic nerve, often due to increased pressure in the eye. Fortunately, early detection and treatment can help prevent vision loss. Here in Oregon, iDose is emerging as a promising option for glaucoma patients seeking a minimally invasive treatment.

What is iDose?

iDose is a microdosing implant that delivers tiny, controlled doses of medication directly into the eye over 3 years and potentially longer. This targeted approach aims to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP), the main culprit behind glaucoma damage. Unlike traditional eye drops, which can be inconvenient and have limited efficacy, iDose offers a potentially more consistent and long-lasting treatment option.

Benefits of iDose for Glaucoma

Why Choose iDose in Oregon?

Eugene boasts a thriving healthcare community with ophthalmologists here at PCVI who are experienced in cutting-edge glaucoma treatments like iDose. Here are some reasons to consider iDose in Eugene:

Is iDose Right for You? 

If you’re diagnosed with glaucoma in Oregon, and are looking for alternative treatment options beyond eye drops, iDose might be a suitable choice. Here’s how to determine if it’s right for you:

By proactively managing your glaucoma, you can significantly reduce the risk of vision loss. Explore iDose as a potential treatment option in Oregon, and discuss it with your ophthalmologist to determine if it’s the right approach for your eye health journey. Remember, early detection and treatment are crucial for maintaining healthy vision and preventing glaucoma-related complications.

If you’re interested in learning more about iDose for glaucoma treatment in Eugene, Oregon, we would be happy to discuss this life changing procedure with you. Give us a call today!

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