Eric J Niespodzany, MD

Dr. Niespodzany is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received his Master’s Degree at the University of Cincinnati and his Medical Degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Though young and just beginning his career in Ophthalmology he brings a passion to eye care that we are very excited to share with our patients.

Dr. Niespodzany
Dr. Eric Niespodzany

Vision is paramount in our everyday quality of life. Ophthalmology is exciting as we are able to both restore vision that has been lost but also often enhance the vision we currently have.  Ideally, the field of ophthalmology can allow us to provide every human with the opportunity to live with clear vision and without the need for corrective lenses.” 

He began focusing his studies on eyes while doing his residency at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and developed a deeper love for his chosen profession at the University of Texas.

“Professionally, I consider the doctor I have become my greatest achievement.  Medical training is arduous and challenging.  Persisting through all that entails to arrive at a point where I can provide competent treatment to my patients is an achievement by itself.  Personally, I lived in many places and held many different jobs.  This has allowed me the chance to make close friends with people from all walks of life and I am proud of that.  I have also managed to complete a few marathons, albeit slowly, over the years.  Completing something that truly pushes you past your limits definitely feels like an achievement.”

Dr. Niespodzany brings with him a wide array of awards, and honors, including being a UTMB GME Outstanding Resident Award Nominee and winner of the prestigious Texas Ophthalmological Association Advocacy Ambassadors Scholarship. Additionally, he has already published many peer-reviewed research studies and will continue to expand his learning and caring for patients here with us.

“As a young ophthalmologist, the extent of my influence on patients is growing steadily.  Although a few challenging patients stand out, I am very proud of every patient in which I have helped restore vision or helped avert a loss of vision.  I see myself as a caring and compassionate doctor and I am proud to incorporate that into the care I provide.  I believe this is critical in the relationship I have with my patients and provides a significant benefit beyond providing medical expertise alone.”

As he begins his career as a practicing physician here at Pacific ClearVision Institute, we look forward to his fresh perspective and enthusiasm for our patients here in the Greater Eugene area and beyond. 

I sought out this position at PCVI with Drs Ambati and Cherne as they have years of practice and expertise with the most up to date technologies the field has to offer.  I hope to adsorb as much of their collective knowledge to further advance the breadth of services I can provide and to perfect the outcomes of my patients.

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