Eric J Niespodzany, MD

Dr. Niespodzany came to PCVI in 2021 where he trained under Drs. Ambati, Grillo and Cherne for one year to gain mastery of refractive cataract surgery, laser refractive surgery (LASIK), corneal disease and glaucoma.  He has been with us ever since and has provided a unique energy and passion in the care of our patients. 

Dr. Niespodzany
Dr. Eric Niespodzany

Dr. Niespodzany is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Bachelors of Science in Genetics), the University of Cincinnati (Masters of Science in Physiology) and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine).  He first completed his training in Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center to become board certified in Internal Medicine.  He then switched paths to train as an Ophthalmologist at the University of Texas.  He brings with him a wide array of awards, and honors, including UTMB Outstanding Resident Award Nominee and winner of the prestigious Texas Ophthalmological Association Advocacy Ambassadors Scholarship.

Vision is paramount in our everyday quality of life. Ophthalmology is exciting as we are able to both restore vision that has been lost but also often enhance the vision we currently have.  Ideally, the field of Ophthalmology can allow us to provide every human with the opportunity to live with clear vision and without the need for corrective lenses.”

Dr Niespodzany has proven his caring nature by donating his time and expertise at the Volunteers in Medicine clinic in Springfield where he cares for those in the community who have no medical insurance and limited incomes.  He performs cataract surgery at local hospitals for those with significant systemic disease or developmental disorders who would otherwise not be candidates for surgery.  He also travels to Coos and Douglas counties each month to provide much needed care in these areas with limited specialized medical care. 

“Personally, I lived in many places and held many different jobs.  This has allowed me the chance to make close friends with people from all walks of life and I am proud of that.  I see myself as a caring and compassionate doctor and I am proud to incorporate that into the care I provide.  I believe this is critical in the relationship I have with my patients and provides a significant benefit beyond providing medical expertise alone.”

Dr. Niespodzany is known in the office for his positive energy and joking nature.  He treats his patients as partners in their care and spends the extra time to provide thorough explanations.  He is often caught discussing shared interests with his patients including books, wildlife and nature, and sports.  We are thrilled that he decided to continue his career with us at PCVI and we are excited for those patients who will undoubtedly leave our office feeling comfortable and confident in the care he provides.

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