Shelley Jelineo MD

Dr. Shelley Jelineo


Dr. Jelineo began her medical career receiving her Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in 2019. She went on to complete her Internship and residency at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio. 

Pacific ClearVision Institute is proud to have her join our family as our resident Fellow. 

Starting in medical school, I reflected on what is most essential to everyday life and function and which sense I would most hate to lose, and noted that it is vision. I also loved learning about the anatomy and physiology of the eye and was fascinated by microsurgery. Combining helping people with such an important part of their lives with delicate and detailed surgery was what ultimately drew me to ophthalmology.

Medical care is hugely important to Dr. Jelineo and we are hugely excited that she is bringing such passion to our patients.

I was drawn to medicine by the desire to help people with their health, which is such an important and essential part of life. I wanted a fulfilling career with opportunities for lifelong learning and engagement with the community.

Eye care fascinates Dr. Jelineo and as she continues to learn and explore what creating a life of visual freedom means to patients and doctors alike, she retains an enthusiastic wonder that is infectious. 

The eye is such a small part of a person’s overall anatomy but so complex and essential to everyday life. Being able to restore and maintain vision for people is a wonderful career.

I am proud that I am able to help people daily with such an important part of their lives. I am also honored to be part of a group of physicians who is constantly trying to improve outcomes through medical and technological innovation.

Dr. Jelineo has accomplished many firsts in her life, but the one she is most proud of is being the first doctor in her family. 

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