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Welcome to Pacific ClearVision Institute, Eye Surgery in Eugene, Oregon

Since 1989 Pacific ClearVision Institute (PCVI) has been a leading eye care, and eye surgery provider, in the pacific northwest. Our leading experts in ophthalmology specialize in LASIK laser vision correction, refractive surgery, cataract surgery, and innovative retinal treatments. The personable and qualified team at PCVI is fully dedicated to providing the most superior eye care to people of all ages in the community.

Pacific ClearVision Institute proudly serves communities from three separate locations; Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Oakridge, Oregon.

Technique for Complete and Permanent Adherence of DSEK Disc to Host Corneal Stroma

Dr. Scott Cherne of Pacific ClearVision Institute The informative video featuring Pacific ClearVision's Dr. Scott Cherne is welcomed by the World Ophthalmology Congress 2012.

The special feature accepted by the WOC demonstrates a technique for permanent and complete DSEK Disc Adherence. The World Ophthalmology Congress is the longest continuous international medical meeting, and offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with a truly international audience and gain insight into the latest product information and trends in ophthalmology, which promises to be an ideal setting for scientific communication and innovation. All of this leads to the end result of improving the eye health of communities around the world.
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