Neurolens ® Treatments for Computer Eye Strain

A recent neurology study revealed that folks experiencing symptoms like headaches, neck pain and/or eye strain when using modern digital devices shared a common trait – misalignment in their vision.

In our modern world, we rely constantly on digital technology. From staring at computer screens throughout workdays to scrolling through our mobile phones throughout the day, digital screens demand more and more from our eyes. We have shifted how we use and rely on our vision to see pictures and text to be closer and in most cases smaller than ever before. When our eyes are misaligned or out of sync there is a higher demand on the visual system which can put stress on the trigeminal nerve – the largest and most complex nerve connected to the brain. This nerve is the one responsible for the sensations we feel in our head and neck.  With this increased demand there has also been a rise in the occurrences of dry eye, headaches, neck pain, and digital eyestrain.

Pacific ClearVision Institute provides a possible simple and elegant solution to these problems – Neurolens ®. Normal lenses do not address the possible misalignment of your eyes. Neurolenses are lenses customized for your eyes and aim to relieve symptoms by bringing the eyes into proper alignment at all distances. Neurolenses are digitally designed, digitally manufactured, and developed specifically to treat your symptoms and we now have the capability to provide a customized lens option to our patients. Some of the many conditions that result from this increased demand on our eyes are:


You get headaches of any severity each week (even just a dull ache counts). Your headaches tend to get worse later in the day. Your headaches are generally worse at work than they are at home or on the weekends.

Stiffness or Pain in Neck/Shoulders

Your neck gets stiff or sore when you work at a computer or read. This might even be from your posture. You get frequent massages/chiropractic adjustments.

Discomfort with Computer Use

You feel like you are more productive at work in the morning vs. the afternoon. Your eyes get tired, burn, or get red easily when you work at a computer for long hours

Tired Eyes 

Your eyes feel fatigued/ tired at the end of a workday. Your eyes generally feel better in the morning compared to the end of the day.

Dry Eye Sensation 

Your eyes and/or contacts tend to dry out when you are working on a computer or reading. Your eyes progressively feel more dry/sandy/ gritty as the day goes on.

Light Sensitivity 

Driving at night is difficult because of glare from headlights. Fluorescent lights bother you in large spaces (grocery stores, department stores, etc.).


Riding in a car gives you motion sickness. You sometimes feel a sensation of vertigo or disconnectedness from your environment.

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