What to Expect Prior to Your LASIK Surgery

Smiling person with glassesBefore Your Appointment

If you are a contact lens wearer, removal of contacts prior to your evaluation will be necessary. At least two weeks for every decade you have worm them is recommended for hard or rigid gas permeable (“RGP” lenses), and at least two weeks for normal soft lenses and four weeks for Toric soft lenses. This may vary depending on your doctor’s recommendation. Some preliminary tests include corneal mapping and measurement of the corneal thickness. These may be done at your doctor’s office or may be done prior to your procedure at Pacific ClearVision Institute.

Before Your Surgery

If you and your eye doctor decide that LASIK is for you, an information packet will be given to you. On the day of your LASIK, take your normal medications. A driver should bring you to the appointment because you will need to keep your eyelids closed for approximately six hours after the procedure.

No makeup around the eyes should be worn the day of surgery. It is very important to have ALL makeup thoroughly cleaned from the eyelashes and eyelids prior to LASIK. Upon arrival to Pacific ClearVision Institute, some additional tests will be done. A final refractive check is done to confirm prior data. Our surgeon will also meet with you prior to the LASIK. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Our physicians are happy to discuss your questions on a personal basis and will take the time to make sure they are answered to your satisfaction. Prior to LASIK, should you be nervous about the procedure, please ask the helpful staff for assistance; many patients feel better with some relaxing medicine prior to the procedure.

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