Dr. Margaret Horsley Hubbell MD

Dr. Margaret Horsley Hubbell MD

Margaret Horsley Hubbell MD, a graduate of Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX, is our newest member of the Pacific ClearVision Institute family. Early in her life, she decided to follow in her Grandmothers footsteps and seek a career in Ophthalmology. Her namesake, Dr. Margaret Horsley was one of the first women in Ophthalmology and a pioneer in the profession. Growing up with such a role model, Dr. Horsley was up for the challenge. 

“I hope to do as well and advance our understanding of eye diseases and therapies for Corneal pathologies and other eye diseases including macular degeneration”

She began focusing her studies on medicine and the eyes while at Loma Linda University and did her residency at the John Peter Smith Health Network before moving on to the prestigious Tulane University in New Orleans for her residency. 

“Ophthalmology is a unique mixture of what I love about medicine. You can care for the whole family, continuing to care for your patient at all ages and stages of life. Surgically you can dramatically change someone’s life in a moment or you can stick with them to help them see their best in their daily life throughout their lifetime.”

Being newer to the profession than our more established doctors Dr. Hubbell brings a fresh perspective to our practice and you can feel the passion and joy she brings with her after spending just a few moments with her. 

“I enjoy comparing new and old treatments and understandings to see what might help our patients most.”

“Medicine embraces the complexity of life with the stories/narratives of each individual patient you care for. It’s a wonderful combination of caring for people with complex science where you’re equipped to touch the lives of others in a very meaningful way.

As she begins her career as a practicing physician here at Pacific ClearVision Institute, we look forward to her fresh perspective and enthusiasm for our patients here in the Greater Eugene area and beyond. 

“They say eyes are the windows to the soul. That is for someone peering in, but for that individual, their eyes are their way to see and interact with the world, explore, share moments with their loved ones, their means of independence, their livelihood. Sight is precious and most would trade almost any other sense to keep it. I love helping someone reclaim that gift.”

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