If you’ve worn glasses or contacts for most of your life, you know how irritating they can be. What if you never had to look for a lost pair of glasses again, or endure discomfort after a long day of wearing contact lenses? Your vision goals can become a reality with LASIK surgery at Pacific ClearVision Institute!

Learn more about the clinic’s LASIK procedures at https://pcvi.com/treatments-eugene/lasik

The clinic’s vision correction services include a diagnostic consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for LASIK surgery, as well as further professional support and guidance throughout the process.

PCVI is committed to providing you with high-quality vision care, including LASIK, oculoplastic surgery, treatment for cataracts and glaucoma, and regular check-ups.

Achieve Your Vision Goals

A recent report from Forbes shows that Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) continues to grow in popularity, with over 20 to 25 million LASIK surgeries taking place in the United States since 1999. At Pacific ClearVision Institute, the experienced team is dedicated to helping patients achieve better vision.

“We have been a leading eye surgery provider in the Pacific Northwest since 1989,” says a spokesperson. “The personable and qualified team at PCVI is fully dedicated to providing the most superior eye care to people of all ages.”

Get Quality Care

As part of your laser eye surgery process, the opthalmologists at PCVI work closely with a your primary eye care doctor to determine your suitability for LASIK, and to monitor any changes in vision that may occur afterwards.

Should any issues arise following your eye surgery, the team of specialists provides ongoing support and consults with you and your doctors to find suitable corrective solutions.

Learn What To Expect

PCVI provides comprehensive information for you regarding what to expect prior to eye surgery and following a LASIK procedure, with advice on how you should prepare, what to avoid, and what to do on the day of the surgery.

Previous patients have positive reviews for laser eye surgery at the clinic. “I was a little nervous at first to have LASIK done, but I became very comfortable with ClearVision and Dr. Cherne,” says Sarah M. “The clinic’s staff did a really good job and I was surprised at how quickly and easily it went – now my vision is super clear!”

Get the clear sight you’ve always wanted with LASIK surgery at PCVI!

Find out more and book an appointment at https://pcvi.com/treatments-eugene/lasik

  • Dr. Bala Ambati
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