Possible New Treatment For Dry Eye For People With Sjogren’s Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome has become a growing focus of study for those in the eye care profession. Previously, in this blog, we have discussed other studies done in areas of disease management or new treatments, and this time we thought we’d talk about one of the more promising treatments being explored for the treatment of dry eye.

There are many causes and contributors to dry eyes including environmental and biological factors as well as multiple medical factors. One of the principal medical factors is a disorder of the immune system called Sjogren’s syndrome. Sjogren’s syndrome typically develops in those over 40 and principally affects women. As such it is becoming a common diagnosis in the 21st century. The two main symptoms of the syndrome are dryness in the eyes and mouth and these symptoms are extremely unpleasant for those that develop them.

While dry eyes are a common occurrence and there are many treatment options available, it can take multiple treatments before a workable solution is reached. At PCVI we offer a wide range of options for our patients with dry eye and wanted to take a moment and present a newer option for those patients with dry eye as a result of Sjogren’s syndrome.

A study was recently completed that evaluated the clinical outcomes of thermal pulsation treatment in patients with melbomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and dry eye secondary to Sjogren’s syndrome. Thermal pulsation treatment is where heat and peristaltic waves (involuntary movement of the muscles) are directed at the glands to help remove the blockage causing the dry eye conditions. The study indicated that after just a single treatment, patients did demonstrate increased oil flow and tear breakup. These are very encouraging results, and while this research is new and will require additional study, we are hopeful this treatment will continue to show positive effective results.

For those that have Meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye secondary to Sjogren’s syndrome, this treatment shows promising results. If you are one of those that have this condition, please contact us to discuss whether this treatment option is right for you. At Pacific ClearVision Institute we want to make sure you are receiving the very best care available.

The study can be found by clicking the link below.



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