Be Weary Of Costume Contacts This Halloween

Halloween is approaching quickly and hopefully, you’ve got your costumes all planned out. Perhaps you are going to a party this weekend or next week, maybe you are taking the children around the neighborhood for treats, or possibly you are simply going to dress up and hand candy out as the neighborhood children ring your doorbell. Whatever you are planning this year, we wanted to advise you of some very real issues involved with the wearing of cheap costume contacts to color your eyes. While this might seem like we are making a big deal over a little thing, we’re actually not and here’s why

In the United States contact lenses, of any type, are considered medical devices and consequently fall under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As medical devices, they require a prescription from a licensed medical professional to be dispensed. So while they might be available at the local Halloween or costume shop, technically they are being sold illegally.

Costume contacts are often made overseas with cheap inferior materials that can seriously damage your eyes. One of the easiest is simple germs that can attach themselves in the making of the lenses. While these germs would not cause anything beyond a simple rash if worn on exposed skin, those same germs can cause serious infection or, in severe cases, blindness.

Colored contacts also contain a variety of dyes to give them their specific color. These same dyes do not allow the eye to breathe adequately. So even colored contacts that are prescribed and fitted correctly, when worn extensively can cause swelling, irritation, or outright pain, all of which would need to be examined and treated by an eye care professional.

Additionally, in order for contacts to be worn correctly your eyes must be measured by a professional. Costume contacts are designed under the one size fits all model. Think of going to a shoe store and all the shoes come in only one size. Now you might get lucky and have them fit comfortably, or you might be forcing your foot into something it is not the correct fit. This will lead to cramped muscles, ache and possible injury in addition to the discomfort you will endure.

Your eyes are the same. Unless a lens is properly fitted to your eye, it can scratch the eye or cause an infection leading to corneal abrasions or ulcers. The lens can even stick to the eye and become difficult and painful to remove resulting in a trip to the emergency room.

This year take a moment to consider whether or not you really need those fun colored lenses. We at Pacific ClearVision Institute wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Halloween.

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