Helpful Eye Tips

As we progress into a new year, we thought it might be a good time to remind you of a few simple things you can do to keep your eyes as healthy as they can be. Your eyes are your windows to the world and it is important to keep them as healthy as possible. Here are a few simple things you can focus on this year to keep yourself, and your eyes, healthy.

Get a comprehensive eye exam. Even though your vision might currently seem completely normal, it is always a good idea to have a professional take a look. Many eye diseases have no noticeable signals at the beginning but if caught early can often be managed for long periods of time before surgical options become necessary.

Eye exams are thorough, painless ways to examine the eye in full and check for damage or possible developing diseases. Knowing your family’s visual medical history is extremely helpful as many diseases are hereditary. If you do not have a current doctor managing your eye care, feel free to look for one of our partners in your area by clicking here.

Keep yourself healthy overall. Your overall health has a direct coloration to the health of your eyes. Things like maintaining a healthy body weight and eating healthy foods help keep your eyes in good health. Food like fruits and dark leaf vegetables such as kale and spinach as well as foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like halibut and salmon are great for your body and eyes.

Your eyes need a rest too. Most people work on computers all day, but even if you do not, chances are you are constantly looking at your smart phone or tablet, or possibly you play video games. Focusing on a screen for extended periods of time causes eye strain and/or fatigue. It is important to take a break and focus on something approximately 20 – 30 feet away. At a bare minimum, you should do this once an hour, though if you are constantly on a computer or staring at a small screen, more often is highly recommended. This allows your eyes to refocus and helps reduce the fatigue and strain.

Clean your glasses and contacts.
Keeping your contacts clean helps reduce the possibility of infection, but it is also important to keep your glasses clean as well. Small smudges or specks on your glasses can cause the eye to not focus properly and cause fatigue or strain. Additionally, it is important to keep your hands clean when handling your glasses or contacts to reduce the risk of infection.

Wear protective eye wear. If you work in an environment where protective eyewear is required and provided, wear it. Trauma to the eye is an experience best avoided when possible and protective eyewear helps out tremendously.

Wear your sunglasses. Many eye glasses now come with options for built in sunglasses, like transition lenses. Sunglasses help shield the eyes from the suns ultraviolet rays which are harmful to the eye.

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