Bradley Lorenzen, O.D.

Bradley Lorenzen, O.D. Bradley J. Lorenzen, OD, a graduate of the Pacific University College of Optometry, offers patients comprehensive medical and postoperative care at Pacific ClearVision Institute. He is available for consultation and evaluation of cataracts, cornea transplants, glaucoma and other eye health needs. Dr. Lorenzen also performs LASIK evaluation and routine comprehensive vision examinations. He works closely with the surgeons of Pacific ClearVision Institute in the surgical care of patients, optimizing their visual outcome. For an appointment with Dr. Lorenzen, call our office today.

Professional Practice

1997 - Present

Pacific ClearVision Institute
Eugene, Oregon
Associate, Doctor of Optometry

1991 - 1997

Eugene Family Eyecare
Eugene, Oregon
President, Doctor of Optometry

1992 - 1997

Oregon Eyes Vision Center
Newport, Oregon
President, Doctor of Optometry

1990 - 1992

Ron Cuevas, O.D. and Associates
Associate, Doctor of Optometry

1989 - 1990

Doctors Eyecare Center
Dallas, Texas

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